123 Review

Hi, greetings from soon-to-be blizzardry Massachusetts,

My bar arrived safely Jan 26th, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with it! I think you deserve to talk up the quality some more. Nice job, really nice job. Of course, I nearly bust-a-nut getting that monster up to my garage, and later into the house….but no www.68z86.cnplaints.

I truly want to help you and write some more glowing reviews later, maybe also send some photos (I’ll blow “Jeff’s bar” out of the water!) but right now I am trying to finish my play room in time for a St. Paddy’s……

………Oh, one other thing, my business partner was pretty impressed, too. He had told me to expect “fake wood” from you, veneer and particle filler and all that stuff. He was pretty shocked with your quality, and he wants to buy a bar in the next year or so….I’ll work on him for you, he’s nodding yes for yours. And at the St. Paddy’s party I’ll have a few bankers, lawyers, realtors, neighbors, my colleagues, etc. I’ll put in good words for you then, too.

Take care Kiddo!

Best Regards,

David S.

President T. Engineering, Inc.

Methuen, MA 01844